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Latest Review: 08-08-08 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 08-08-08
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In The VIP Review

In The VIP is a very popular hardcore site in the Reality Kings network. The idea is that a bunch of guys go to party in the VIP section of a club - a Southern Florida strip club most likely. Now these rooms are freaking crazy, full of drunk party sluts, and no guys except the crew. The girls grind on each other and the guys, flash their titties and pussies, and so on. Our first review was done back in 2003, and the site has been growing ever since. It's time to take an entirely fresh look at it.

Although there are pictures for each scene, it's definitely the movies which make the site what it is. There are 136 scenes. Each scene is at least 1 hour long, but there are some which are as long as 2 hours! They add 2 of those every month.
At least half of each scene is recorded at the party. There is dancing, drinking, flashing, boob and dick grabbing. A little lesbian action is common too. The newer videos went further and further, now there's not only pussy licking and dick sucking on the club's couch, but also fucking. It's crazy hot action, and you gotta love all the long party blondes in slutty dresses. There are at least 10-15 hot girls at each party, some of them pornstars! After a while when things get too hot, the guy pulls the girl to their home. There's often an interlude too, where they get a bunch of chicks in their limo for some more fun. The end is great hardcore fucking at the guy's home, 1-on-1 or one guy with 2 girls.

My choice of watching the movies is downloading the full WMV files, they are usually 600-1000 megabytes. Their resolution is 720x480, quality is good. But they also thought of people with slower connections, all movies can be watched streamed in shorter segments. Even with a dialup, if you don't mind the quality. There are two formats for the segmented files, WMV and MPEG.
The paragraph above refers to the newer half of the movies, the older half is only available in 4 segments, and quality is not so nice. But that's still pretty good considering that they went back to so many older updates to upload higher quality, full files.

Each set has two kinds of pictures, captures from the videos, and the real photos. Unfortunately even the photos are quite poor. Problem number one, they should use a higher resolution than 900x600. Number two, I don't think anyone wants to browse through 900 images made in a row. That's what we have motion pictures, aka movies for. Rather take 70 photos, but setup those poses carefully. I did appreciate the option to download galleries as ZIP files though.

Instead of the old special All Sites Access password, any of the sites give you full access to the whole network now, which is simply called the Reality Kings network. This makes things cleaner and easier for the customers, so I very much welcome the change! There's a list of sites at the bottom.

In The VIP is one of my personal favourites. If you're into party sluts, it's a must see. I wish that they started offering HD quality movies, although the files are pretty large already.
Just this site alone has sooo many hours of content to entertain you. For 25$ a month, The Reality Kings network is one of the best deals you can find. You should even consider the three months membership. All of their sites are exclusive, two of them are updated every day. There is one annoying issue, a limit on the daily downloadable full movies. The site told me to wait 24 hours after I downloaded ~3 gigabytes. Stay away from the trial membership, as it doesn't give you full access.

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User Comments
Posted by: Socks Manly [Toronto] on 03-01-06

That's simply not true Joe. The videos are, and always have been in MPG format. DRM licensing only exists for WMV files! I just logged in and the latest update is in MPG like always.

Posted by: joe [florida] on 01-01-06

Pictures are a waste, low rez, no zip downloads. Videos are OK with lots, but beware it uses a downloaded licence, so they are useless after a month

Posted by: david [cudahy] on 06-10-04

you know name is in the vip
party club Los angeles, ca
or hollywood, ca where is address open enter club have
a membership card how many
cost 1 years yes or no
thank you
... [read more]

Posted by: Phil [UK] on 10-10-03

Still a new site, but for the price (only $4.95 for the three day trial) and the potential is high here. The great thing is you get access to all the sites they do and well theres loads of them so for $4.95 trial you can access heaps of stuff. ... [read more]

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